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This is an online horror and thriller movie database that caters mostly to cheesy exploitation and horror films from the 80s.
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Pinhead goes on a rampage after resurrecting himself

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New Years EvilEmmett Alston1980/12/26HorrorSlasherA disgruntled husband kills women on new years eveAmazon
MortuaryHoward Avedis1983/09/02HorrorSlasherA young woman is having nightmares and being hunted by a cloaked embalmerShudder
Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2Lee Harry1987/04/10HorrorSlasherThe little brother of a santa suit donning killer continues the tradition of xmas murderShudder
SuspiriaLuca Guadagnino2018/10/26HorrorSupernatural HorrorAn American woman enrolls at a prestigious dance academy in Berlin run by an academy of witchesAmazon
HellraiserClive Barker1987/09/10HorrorSupernatural HorrorA man finds a world of sadistic beings insade a box and gives up his soul to carnal pleasureShudder
Halloween KillsDavid Gordon Green2021/10/15HorrorSupernatural SlasherThe town of Haddonfield forms a mob in a futile attempt to stop Michael MyersPeacock
Sorority House MassacreCarol Frank1986/10/20HorrorSlasherA college woman is having prophetic dreams about being hunted by her murderous brotherShudder
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2Tony Randel1988/12/23HorrorSupernatural HorrorKirsty is determined to save her father from the cenobites after he contactsShudder
In Search of DarknessDavid A. Weiner2019/10/06DocumentaryHorror DocumentaryA documentary about the lasting legacy of 80s horror moviesShudder
The New York RipperLucio Fulci1982/03/04HorrorSlasherA killer donning a donald duck mask is killing hookers in New York while the police investigateShudder
Maniac CopWilliam Lustig1988/05/13HorrorSlasherA thought to be dead ex-cop with a reputation for killing criminals returns to kill indiscriminatelyShudder
Halloween 4Dwight H. Little1988/10/21HorrorSlasherMichael Myers returns to hunt Laurie Strodes niece JamieShudder
Blood RageJohn Grissmer1987/03/29HorrorSplatter SlasherA boy named Terry frames his twin brother for murder and murders again to frame him once the brother escapes from a mental hospitalShudder
Day of the DeadGeorge A. Romero1985/07/19HorrorZombie SplatterAfter a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse shelter themselves in an underground bunker in FloridaShudder
AngelRobert Vincent ONeil1984/01/13ExploitationSlasherA Fifteen-year-old honor student Molly lives a double life as a hooker being targeted by a serial killerShudder
City of the Living DeadLucio Fulci1980/08/11HorrorZombie SplatterThe suicide of a priest opens the gates of hell, as the dead begin to walk the earth in a small townShudder
Silent Night Deadly NightCharles E. Sellier Jr.1984/11/09HorrorSlasherBilly witnesses his parents getting killed by Santa after being warned by his senile grandpa that Santa punishes those who are naughty. Now Billy is 18, and out of the orphanage, and he has just become SantaNone
Hellraiser 3: Hell on EarthAnthony Hickox1992/09/11HorrorSupernatural SlasherPinhead goes on a rampage after resurrecting himselfAMC+
Hellraiser 4: BloodlineKevin Yagher1996/03/08HorrorSupernatural SlasherIn the 22nd century, a scientist attempts to right the wrong his ancestor created: the puzzle box that opens the gates of Hell and unleashes Pinhead and his Cenobite legions.None
PiecesJ. Piquer Simon1983/10/14HorrorSplatter SlasherA killer is brutally dismembering women with a chainsaw at a Boston CollegeShudder
Psycho 2Richard Franklin1983/06/03ThrillerPsychological ThrillerNorman Bates is freed after 20 years, but the killings start againPeacock
Hellraiser 10: JudgmentGary J. Tunnicliffe2018/02/13HorrorSupernatural SlasherPinheads cenobites and the inquisition compete over the souls of sinners, while a murder mystery is ongoingTubi
Fade to BlackVernon Zimmerman1980/10/17HorrorSlasherA deranged young cinophile recreates his favorite horror movie scenes when he kills his bulliesShudder
Blood DinerJackie Kong1987/07/10ExploitationSplatter ComedyTwo brothers, Michael Tutman and George Tutman are brainwashed by their serial killer uncle Anwar Namtut into resurrecting the ancient Lumerian goddess SheetarAmazon (Moviesphere channel)
Tammy and the T-RexStewart Raffill1994/12/21ExploitationSplatter ComedyA high school girls boyfriend is resurrected by a mad scientist as a giant T-RexShudder
Saturday the 14thHoward R. Cohen1981/08/14HorrorHorror ComedyA man and his family inherit a haunted houseShudder
InfernoDario Argento1980/02/07HorrorSupernatural HorrorMysterious murders happen in New York after a woman purchases a book about ancient witchesShudder
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie VernonScott Glosserman2006/03/12HorrorSlasher MockumentaryA documentary crew learns about a slasher emulating the legacy of Jason, Michael and FreddyShudder
Halloween 2(2009)Rob Zombie2009/08/28HorrorSlasherMichael Myers returns while Lauries life turns into a downward spiralNone

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